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Honours & Awards

The Honours and Awards committee is the result of the Board of Directors realizing that there was a need to recognize our paramedics no matter whom their employer may be within our province. Our committee is composed of five well-chosen individuals that are current paramedics, employers and public representatives. This ensures that all paramedics are considered for various awards and not excluded based on their employer. 


This committee has created two new awards that have been approved by the Board of Directors for recognizing the community aspect of paramedicine and the contribution paramedics make in their field of paramedicine. These awards will be presented to medics on a nomination basis following a review of the nomination forms received. These two awards may not be presented each year but are reserved for years when a suitable recipient is nominated. The award criteria and nomination forms are below. 


pdfContribution to_Community_Recognition_Nomination.pdf



In 2105, an Healthcare Education Bursary and Continuing Education Grant were introduced. Five (5) bursaries in the amount of $1000 each are available annually to members or the immediate family of members for fulltime education in a Heathcare field. The Continuing Education Grant is a $100 grant, available monthly, excepting July and August, to members to help offset costs for short courses. The following are the information and application forms for both.

pdfContinuing Education Grant Application                                Demande de subvention pour formation continue

pdfHealthcare Education Bursary Application                            Demande de bourse d’études en soins de santé


PANB is continuing to recognize paramedics for their long service to the profession starting at 10 years of service and up. All medics must be in good standing within the association to be eligible and do not require a nomination form to be considered for this award. Please do your part with this award by correctly filling out the years you have served within EMS on your yearly registration form. 




The final award for committee consideration is the EMS Exemplary Service Medal. The links below provide information on the medal and process for candidate selection. The first link is the Regulations of the Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal, the second details how PANB will handle the EMS ESM Award Nomination process, and the third is a list of New Brunswickers that have been honoured by the Governor General with the medal/bars. PANB has sought to create a process to ensure all candidates are potentially sought out no matter who their employer may be. 




If you have any questions regarding this award or any others on this page, please contact us at the office. 



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