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Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining a communications loop involving PANB Board of Directors. PANB staff, the paramedic membership, and the public.


Inform the membership of PANB of Committee work to promote profession to the public and various stakeholders

Promote our EMS professional and scope of practice to stakeholders.

Encourage participation of membership with Association activities


The Committee will be chaired by one of the PANB Directors. In addition to the chair, the committee will consist of one public representative, the executive director , and any number of association members to carry out the activities of the committee.

The committee has been successful in lobbying for incoroporating the full PCP scope of Practice and ACP's to the Emergency Ambulance Services in New Brunswick.


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  • 18-01-2017

    2017 Examination Schedule

    The examination schedule for 2017 is as follows: February 2, 2017(Deadline for applications: January 26, 2017) April 4, 2017(Deadline for applications: March 21, 2017) July 27, 2017(Deadline for applications: July 13, 2017) November 9...

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