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Registration Process Committee

This commitee was formed in 2014 as the Re-Registration Development Committee, tasked with revising the annual reregistration process. The new process was introduced for the 2015 reregistration for 2016 licensure with the Educational Credit collection component beginning in 2016. Since the reregistration process is a living document and the Board of Directors has asked the committee to look at Entry to Practice requirements and present recommendations to the board for consideration, the name of the committee and Terms of Reference were changed in 2016. The committee will take feedback from practicioners on the reregistration process for consideration of change to the process, as well as develop Entry to Practice requirement for Board consideration in late 2017.






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2017 Examination Schedule

  • 18-01-2017

    2017 Examination Schedule

    The examination schedule for 2017 is as follows: February 2, 2017(Deadline for applications: January 26, 2017) April 4, 2017(Deadline for applications: March 21, 2017) July 27, 2017(Deadline for applications: July 13, 2017) November 9...

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