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General Registration Information

General Registration Information

PANB is responsible for licensure of all paramedic practionners within New Brunswick and to ensure that they meet all necessary registration and continuing registration requirements as per the Paramedic Act and Bylaws.

Currently PANB is registers both Primary Care Paramedic and Advanced Care Paramedic Practioners. We are no longer registering Emergency Medical Technicians as new practioners in New Brunswick but do honor the registration of those already licensed within our jurisdiction.

There are four types of Registration Requests considered by the Association.
• New Registration
• Reactivation of Registration
• Registration from another Canadian Jurisdiction
• Registration from another Jurisdiction (other than Canada)

Depending on the type of Registrant, the information required in order for the application to be considered varies greatly. Each registration type now contains a link to a package detailing each component that is required in order to process your regsitration. Please make sure you choose the proper level of document as each document has been created for a PCP or ACP dependant on the registrant's current practice level.

However, regardless of what type of registration an applicant is seeking, most applicants are required to complete the Paramedic Integration Process.

*** Please note that PANB accepts payments made by credit/debit/money order - cash or personal cheques are not accepted.

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