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The Paramedic Association of New Brunswick is responsible for the regulation of paramedecine practice within New Brunswick as per the Paramedic Act. Self-regulation ensures that paramedics measure the profession and the practioners as they are deemed to be the experts within the field. It would be detrimental to have persons other than paramedics police paramedic practice as they are unaware of all the components of safe, effective & ethical practice.

Each paramedic has a role to play within the self-regulation paradigm as they are responsible for maintaining their competency by ensuring they meet the continuing competency maintenance program objectives yearly as well as maintaining yearly licensure with PANB.

As a self-regulating profession, the government entrusts PANB in determining who may enter & practice paramedecine in an aim to protect the public from harm. PANB is also responsible for sanctioning a member's license and even revoking it if need be via the complaint, discipline and fitness to practice committees.

PANB must adhere to the Paramedic Act and Bylaws as well as it's policies to ensure self-regulation occurs within New Brunswick.

For more information regarding the Act and Bylaws, see the appropriate tab under About Us.

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