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Strategic Framework

Our Mandate

It's the duty of the PANB to comply with the Paramedic Act of New Brunswick, and such to protect the profession of paramedicine and the public whom it serves. 

Our Mission

To develop and promote the highest ethical, educational and clinical standards for all Paramedics.

Professional Standards

As Paramedics, we follow these practice standards:

Service to the Public

The paramedic uses a patient-focused approach to provide efficient/effective quality patient care in situations of illness, injury, or in the process of dying.

Professional Responsibility and Accountability

  • accountable to the public, the employer and the profession
  • responsible for ensuring that practice and conduct meets requirements of policies, standards, clinical practice guidelines and legislation relevant to the practice setting
  • primarily responsible for their capacity to practice


The paramedic understands, promotes and upholds the ethical standards of the paramedic profession. These standards meet the public's needs and expectations with regard to how patient care will be rendered.

Continuing Competency

Each paramedic possesses and continually acquires psychomotor, cognitive and affective competencies relevant to the practice setting.


Each paramedic bases practice on paramedic science considering clinical evidence, expert opinion and personal experience.


As Paramedics, we value:

A paramedic strives to serve the patient, the community and the profession.

A paramedic strives to behave in a manner at all times that brings admiration, acknowledgement and respect to the profession.

A paramedic accepts that being a member of the profession is an honour and a privilege and strives to adhere to the values and ethics of the profession at all times.

A paramedic accepts that the profession imposes an element of unavoidable personal risk and meets this challenge selflessly to the benefit of the patient, peers and the public.

A paramedic acts to ensure that the patient's personal and patient care needs are met, intervening with peers, colleagues and others when necessary.

Responsibility to Patient
A paramedic acts so that the patient's rights to decision-making, safety, dignity, privacy and confidentiality are maintained.

A paramedic accepts primary responsibility for professional and personal actions that impact the patient, peers, colleagues, the public and the profession.

A paramedic accepts the responsibility to take personal action to make changes to improve service to the public.

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