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A nationwide survey of Canadian paramedics shows a great number struggling with mental health issues including PTSD.

In New Brunswick the research is especially troubling.

About 1 out of every 3 New Brunswick paramedics responded to the survey. The figures, while not a complete surprise, are eye-popping and troubling. They show about one-third of New Brunswick paramedics have contemplated suicide, and 70 per cent responded that they were aware of a paramedic, aside from themselves, who thought about committing suicide. The figure jumps to almost 80% of paramedics who reported they were or are worried about a colleague’s well being.

92% of respondents say the greatest need is for access to counseling from mental health professionals who understand paramedicine.

Obviously this is an issue that demands action. The PANB is committed to doing everything it can to put in place the necessary measures to responsibly deal with PTSD. This includes.....

Paramedics & PTSD

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